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The King of Gift Certificate – College Football

You should know that there is a massive rivalry against University of Alabama’s Nick Saban and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney. But their rivalry is not all about the competition on the sidelines.

The rivalry is also about the exchange of gift certificates.

Both Swinney and Saban had a bet about the exchange of gift certificates. Both agreed that the loser in the 2016 College Football National Championship will be treating the winner to dinner at the Boca Grande. It is a Florida restaurant by the way if you did not know what Boca Grande is. You should know that both Saban and Swinney chose that place because they both agreed that it is the best destination. The area is filled with vacation homes as well, that is why their families also love the place.

Now, you have to know who won the bet and became the college football king of gift certificates.

And the Crimson Tide won the nationals. Saban won and Swinnery lost but the loser did follow through on the bet. But it wasn’t how Saban imagined how winning would be.

So now, Saban and Swinney met at the Boca Grande, they have never seen each other until just now because of the vacation. But then, Saban gets mad and it was shocking. The reason for the outburst was because Saban thought Swinney was going to be eating dinner with him. But Swinney said that he did not think it was going to happen so he did not really prepare for it. So he just handed out something to Saban and said that he did not want to owe him anything.

The thing that Swinney gave Saban was a gift certificate and it had something on the back that said they were going to meet next year at Tampa.

The whole media including the web went crazy after hearing about the story of Saban and Swinney. Both Swinney and Saban were defending their teams and it started a social media outburst. Will Swinney win this time and pull off the upset?

An even greater fire just rose up, the tables have been turned, indeed.

And with the score down to 35-31, the Crimson Tide suffer defeat but it never made Saban a bad guy, he was a true sportsman and returned the favor to Swinney. Saban then gave Swinney a gift certificate coming from the same restaurant that they pick during the 2016 national games.

Both coaches never did share a meal at Boca Grande together but they were never really in a serious fight, both were just playing around and even thought about going for a third time with their bets.

Both teams are going strong and are all great competitors, both teams are aiming for the championship every season.