Clever Content Marketing Tips for You

When you get a group of experts together, great things happen. At the Content Marketing World annual conference, this is what happened. SEO experts from local companies all got together and had discussions, and from those discussions we were able to jot down some pretty great ideas that marketers and entrepreneurs can and should put to use.

No Content is Better than Mediocre Content

You should never approach your content marketing strategy with the notion that something is better than nothing. The content you publish on your site and social media networks should be engaging and highly valuable to your target audience. Local SEO companies will tell you that content marketing is only effective for boosting your search engine ranking if people are engaging with it. So if you’re pushing out mediocre content, then you can forget about it.

Share Opinions and Research-Backed Facts

Becoming an authority in your industry means learning new things and sharing it matter-of-factly with your visitors. Your content should be more than just regurgitation of someone else’s findings – make sure you also have an angle, so you can share your own opinions. Link to the research you used, so that others will see your work as credible. You should focus on researching topics that people have questions about and need answers to.

Design Content Around Keywords and LSI Keywords

The content you create should have an Search Engine Optimization focus, but make sure to target the topic, not just the phrase. There are tools you can use to find other keywords that are semantically related to include throughout your content. The topics of your content should be related to the things people are really searching for, otherwise you’re wasting your time writing about things people don’t care for.

Give Away Your Best Advice for Free

People are looking for the best information they can find – for free. Everyone loves free content, but most entrepreneurs and businesses rarely think of giving away their best stuff free of charge. However, those who are willing to dish out the dirt will increase their chances of enhancing their search, social and email campaigns. If you can draw people in to this content, it will be easier to get them to shift over to the transactional pages.

Make Content People Are Compelled to Share

If you’re posting great advice for free, people are already going to want to share it with others they know. You can also make shareable content by focusing on topics that are smart and in-depth. Folks like to share content that makes them look good in front of their audience. Keep this in mind as you’re thinking up new topics for your content.

Create Short, but Beefy Videos

Try making super-short videos that deliver a lot of value to the viewer. Don’t waste time in the beginning either, get right to the point – people will admire you for this. Plus, consumers tend to watch videos about products rather than read about them. People like to see the product and its benefits than have you tell them about it. Videos are the next best thing to going to the store in person to touch the object.

Boost Facebook Posts After 24 Hours

To get the most benefits from your Facebook posts, you should allow your posts to get organic reach for the first 24 hours before using the paid reach feature known as boosting. You should do this for the posts that you really want to push hard, such as those that folks will find valuable or that act as a promotion for an upcoming launch or event.

Focus On Audience-Centered Content

Brands sometimes focus too much on brand-centered content, which can get boring to a generation that is pretty self-centered themselves. Make sure you’re reaching out to your audience to see what they want from your brand in terms of products and content. Guaranteed they will offer some great ideas you can actually put to use. If you can continue delivering what they want and need, then you have local customers for life.

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