Pharmacist and her Nephrologist husband spend more time Buying Lotto Tickets than Watching TV

Dr Walter Zanger from Kirklees, England, is a Nephrologist who writes on his blog that the disorders of Acid-Base balance are unbelievably high among the Yazidi and Mandaean people belonging to the Middle East just like the number of millionaires who regularly buy online lottery tickets on Lotto SOD 168 is unbelievably high.

Dr Walter writes that Phosphate Balance related disorders of the kidney are most commonly found among the inbred people of all races and it shouldn’t be a surprise for the critiques of inbreeding and the people belonging to any medical field.

Dr Walter writes that he is glad that they have found most of the factors that were causing acute renal failure in the transplanted kidneys. He furthermore desires that they find the cure for all kidney related disorders soon enough.

Dr Walter is married to a Pharmacist who also happens to be an outspoken blogger like himself. Her name is Avery Zanger.
Avery believes that the adverse reactions of most drugs are underrated and the drug manufacturing companies and the biased studies sponsored by them are to be blamed for the same.

Avery writes that your belief about your medicines play a major role in you getting well with the same, both positively and negatively.

Avery writes that she is honoured that she was born in England for one of the reasons being that England has had the best universities for learning pharmaceutical education for over past 100 years.

Avery always keeps the latest edition of Oxford Handbook of clinical pharmacy in her trouser’s right pocket and claims to be one of the most updated Pharmacist in the entire United Kingdom.