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Simple Tips to Make Direct Mail Marketing

Any business or organization cannot succeed to the fullest extent unless it establishes a bond of trust and goodwill with its end users. Often, there exists a retailer or a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer/end user, who facilitates trade. However, in order to increase sales, or establish brand identity, the manufacturer or the […]

Email Marketing Strategies for You

As the number of email users increases to a whopping 1.3 billion, the sheer idea of this potential market boggles the mind of every businessman. Email advertising by far, is the cheapest mode of advertising, considering the costs involved in accessing the Internet. Working with effective strategies on the Internet can surely help businesses all […]

Email Marketing Tips for You

Let’s understand first, what marketing is. It is an activity that aims at planning and developing a product by identifying and understanding the needs and demands of the consumer. Philip Kotler, one of the greatest marketing experts of the world, defines marketing in simple words as ‘satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process’. Some […]